Welcome back Traders to another live session. Last night GBPCAD brought in an additional +100 pips of profit. We finally have EURUSD on the way to 1.10700.

Yesterday, we took GBPUSD longs, but because of the price action I decided to exit the trade and cut our loses short. We cut our loses short at -7 pips. Thankfully so, as GBPUSD fell over 60 pips afterwards.

We took a look at our current active trades, most notably AUDCHF & CADCHF. Both similar setups, where CADCHF has hit our first take profit target. We have taken some profits off the table and are awaiting for a further move down.

We are in some drawdown for EURJPY, but if price respects the overall price structure like it should, we should see a further move down.

We are up around 240 pips for the week, so we will not force the issue with any trade setups. We will see you all tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST. Happy Trading!