Welcome to our FREE live session. We will recap how our trades went this week and why they were taken. We took around 7 trades, with our only loss being USDCHF which was stopped out by a unscheduled news release. We made around 240-250 pips (official pip count will be posted) where most if not all of our trades had very little to no draw-down.

All trade setups were explained to ensure all of our clients understand what goes into analyzing a pair, making the decision to enter the trade, and how to manage the trade as it plays out. If you are a novice trader, or are struggling to make profit, please take advantage of our current promotion on our trading room & signals.

Moving onto setups for next week. We are looking to possibly short EURUSD to 1.08600 and long CADCHF to 0.75600. For #EURUSD we have finally closed below 1.10300. With the European Economy on the brink of a recession, the pair can definitely create new lows for the year. Looking at Gold, we see a 5-day consolidation range between 1519 and 1550. Earlier in the week I discussed a long setup from 1538 to 1550 which brought in 120 pips. Now we are awaiting a break and close either below 1519 – for shorts, or above 1550 for longs.

Remember, these are all potential setups for next week. On Monday’s session we can take another look at these pairs and others to get a more clearer sense of what trades we could enter for the upcoming week. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and that all the free members take advantage of the current promotions. I will see you all Monday at 11:00 AM EST.