Why Choose Our Forex Managed Accounts

The ONLY Trading Solution That Require NO EXPERIENCE In Forex

Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market is a challenging opportunity where above average returns are available for educated and experienced investors willing to take above average risk.

Before deciding to participate in our Managed Forex Programs, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.

Golden Rule: Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose! 

At Forex Lens, our institutional trading partners have developed a deep understanding of the global economy and financial markets through machine learning, allowing us to analyze global real-time market sentiment across all tiers of market participants.

This is combined with proprietary trading algorithms that utilize traditional technical and fundamental indicators alongside human discretionary application over all trade order execution.

Sounds complicated? It is. And we understands this.

This is why Forex Lens offers a simple trading solution for investors — Forex Managed Accounts.  Our Managed Forex Programs offer retail traders like yourself, an opportunity to invest and earn like institutional investors.

We aim to level the playing field for all retail traders and investors.


Our Managed Forex Programs:

Dragon FX

DragonFX is an aggressive proprietary trading fund that has been able to produce over 18% monthly return with under 35% peak-to-valley drawdown since 2016.  Click Here to read more.

Viper FX

ViperFX is a less aggressive trading fund that has been able to produce 15% monthly return with under 20% peak-to-valley drawdown since 2018.  Click Here to read more.


Keys To Success

We believe that the key to success is having an integrated and experienced team with a robust infrastructure. Forex Lens and our partners has built its success through recruiting exceptional management personnel and building strategic partnerships with recognized asset management firms.

Our partners have over 50 years of experience amongst them in the foreign exchange industry; both in the institutional asset management side and retail forex managed accounts side.

Our Managed Forex Accounts exclusively invests in the currency market and employs both a short-term and long-term forex trading strategies and systems. The short term trading model employs the use of automated high frequency algorithmic trading methods with manual discretion.

This means trades are placed manually by a human on our forex managed accounts, but using proprietary algorithmic trading methodology. The long-term model profits from short and medium term deviations from market value in the global currency markets.

Our investment strategies used in our forex managed accounts are designed specifically for the forex market, and to provide retail traders and investors the opportunity to participate in opportunities that are normally offered only to big institutional investors.


  • Minimum Deposit: 3,000 USD or your local currency equivalent
  • Monthly Performance Fees based on deposit size and on a high water mark policy
  • Client enjoys full control and transparency over their account.
  • The account is fully segregated and held in the client’s sole access and ownership.
  • All accounts held with regulated brokers.
  • Clients can withdraw funds or remove from the program at any time.


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