Alpha FX
Managed Account

JUNE 2020


  • Minimum Deposit: $10,000 USD or your local currency equivalent.
  • Monthly Performance Fees: 25% based on high water mark policy.
  • Brokerage: Trading accounts are held with a fully regulated broker, ATC Brokers.
  • Trading Type: Algorithmic, High-Frequency trading, Grid trading system
  • Risk Profile: Aggressive
  • Investment Horizon: Medium to Long term, recommended 3-6 months


Trading Performance 

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MyFXBook Performance:


Account Manager Background 

The trader has more than 20 years of experience in trading and developing automated trading systems and processes, utilizing IT systems and algorithms. He comes from a background of administration, real estate investing, fintech, and consumer finance in the 90s. With trading, he has been involved already since 2009 automating trading systems with complex mathematics.

Trading Strategy Objective

This trading strategy aims to achieve an absolute return approaching 30-50% per annum on invested capital using proprietary derivative strategies designed to perform well through market volatility. 

This trading strategy is a unique product in the world of investing to bring you potential positive returns. The trading model is built with proprietary algorithms built using multiple trading mathematics inside databases. The risk is diversified by trading between multiple currency pairs.

This type of investment is more suited for investors with a medium degree of risk and a medium or long investment horizon from several months to several years or more. The portfolio can suffer from short-term fluctuations.

Trading System Insights

This trading system is 100% automated and works inside Microsoft SQL. The protocol uses MetaTrader4 or MT4 to get the price feed into the database and then processes it and uses MT4 script to pass the trades to the broker.

The algorithm predicts whether price is trending up or down, and will open small position trades (0.01 positions per 100k deposit) at certain pivot points determined by large sets of complex mathematical data that is coded into the trading algorithm.

The system trades about 30 different currency pairs. Each currency pair follows the same strategy but parameters are dynamic so they follow the dynamics of each currency pair, as each currency pair may behave differently. While trading 30 currency pairs, the drawdown of a single currency pair is independent of other currency pairs which reduces the risk and drawdown effect as a whole.

The trading system executes on average 200 small trades per day and usually makes close to double-digit % profits on average per month. Around 500-1500 trades are open at all times, so equity is always slightly behind the balance and drawdown is varying.

On average, the duration of the trades are held for around 2-3 days. Every trade is adjusted according to the equity of the trading account in order to increase the potential profitability and minimize the effect of drawdowns.

Email [email protected] to sign up for this program. 

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